Alfred Salmen

I am a Senior Network Administrator with 20+ years of IT experience, located in Charlotte, North Carolina. I offer a complete range of IT services, consulting and support.




Computer Networks

Design and Implementation

Ensure that all network configurations are done properly, including static IP address assignments, DNS servers, WINS servers, whether or not to register a particular interface, binding order, and disabling services on DMZ, OOB management, or backup networks.


Firewall and Intrusion Prevention

If you use host intrusion prevention, you need to ensure that it is configured according to your standards, and reports up to the management console. Software firewalls need to be configured to permit the required traffic for your network, including remote access, logging and monitoring, and other services.

Malware and Virus Protection

Gateway protection at the network perimeter. Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention, and Application Intelligence and Control Service delivers intelligent, real-time network security protection against sophisticated attacks. Antivirus Endpoint Protection for servers and clients with central management for deployment and protection policies.

Remote access

Secure remote access for your mobile workforce.


Layered Security Solutions

Layered security, also known as layered defenses, a practice of combining multiple mitigating security controls to protect resources and data.